We believe that every project is individual & should be approached with an individuality to match. With the full engagement of our Company Directors throughout, your personal vision & passion becomes a collective experience that should be enjoyed by everyone from its creation through to its conclusion. Our belief is that no matter how complex or simple, large or small a project may be it is incumbent upon us to adopt the same straight forward & simple approach to our joint enterprise. We pride ourselves on ensuring you are fully engaged through every step in the ‘journey’, offering you a complete feeling of knowledgeable control from beginning to end.

Think Tank ‘Huddle’

"A vision, without a plan, is just a hallucination” - Will Rogers

Informal get together over coffee with the Company Directors to explore, review & understand all the different ideas & concepts that are important to you. Working together, each requirement will be looked at from a number of different perspectives to create a number of possible options with indicative prices for your ongoing consideration. Those ideas & our professional recommendations can then be personally reviewed & absorbed at your leisure before reconvening for a follow up meeting

Refinement ‘Confab’

“All things are possible until they are proven impossible” - Pearl S. Buck

Informal reflection on the options that you have been contemplating & considering from the initial get together. An opportunity to look into your choices & importantly the budget plus time scales associated with the build. The establishment of your choice together with an indicative price & schedule of works will enable us to work through the particulars to provide a detailed fixed contract cost supported with a programme of works that will show you the build journey from start to finish

Contract ‘Engagement’

“Knowing you have constructed the contents of the contract makes its signing far more palatable” - Anon

Conferral that focuses on reviewing & signing the supporting documentation linked with the overall contract & the differing documents associated with it. Each will be explained & worked through at the requisite level of detail you require so that you are fully informed on every aspect. Our client reference pack will be left with you for ongoing reference purposes which will provide you with all necessary information associated with the company & the services we provide

Build ‘Enterprise’

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it” - Greg Anderson

Securing all the necessary design plans & supporting due diligence paperwork from relevant parties. Initiating the different phases of development either concurrently or sequentially where detailed within the supporting ‘Program of Works’ with our specialist trades, all overseen by the appointed Site Manager. Diarised fortnightly progress review updates that engage relevant parties take place that focus on overall workmanship, site management & progress against plan. Contract addendum’s or omissions are fully accounted for during these sessions with required actions noted & summarised

Fulfilment ‘Review’

“I don’t give up on commitments until what I’ve been tasked to do is clearly finished” - Carrie Fisher

Walk through of all the completed works leading towards the attainment of practical completion approval & sign-off. Seeing the materialisation of your personal expectations alongside a formalised review of all the contract specification points to conclude the build phase of the program to everyone’s satisfaction. Identification & recording of ’snagging’ items are reflected within a summary report shared with you, with a supporting time table of activity that addresses each aspect

Serviceability ‘Etiquette’

“We rate the ability of people & their companies by what they finish, not what they propose or attempt” - Anon

This is our commitment to a lifelong partnership that ensures you have continuing access to the requisite specialist trades & craftsman associated with the specification of the contract. Experience shows that with the completion of construction & renovation work, minor issues or factors are known to happen so we pride ourselves on having a proven approach to resolution. Through proactive & thoughtful handling of all scenarios that occur, it provides you with a level of peace of mind that is both heartening & reassuring

Contract ‘Wrap’

“Finishing with a great builder is like leaving a good friend” - William Feather

Bringing primary matters to a conclusion with the satisfactory completion of the 3 or 6 month ‘checks’ conducted with all of our contracts. Conducted by our Company Directors it offers the chance the review the whole build programme in its entirety as well as address any identified ’snagging’ areas linked to the recognised standard settlement period. A final & definitive sign-off against the contract specification will take place with all relevant parties involved, providing a formalised conclusion to the contract